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Who we are

We are a niche lighting company operating out of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island).


Our value proposition:


1. Quality equipment

All of the gear we have is professional quality, made in Europe (and Australia).  This is definitely not some cheap stuff purchased from eBay and shipped out of China!


2. Experienced operators

Professional gear needs experienced operators who understand what you aim to create with your show, and then deliver.  While modern equipment offers a high level of automation, the “soft” skills of a great operator means you will get the look and feel you want - no just a lot of flashing lights.


3. Commitment

We believe in doing a great job, not just delivering the cheapest price.  We always ask for reasonable setup and pack up times and a fair price based on the amount of work we need to do and equipment provided.  We will spend time with you to understand your needs and wants, and then – based on our experience – put together a package we will stand behind.  We also provide an up-front, fixed price quote, without any hidden extras.